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Jim Beam, the world’s No. 1 Bourbon tasked us with creating an experience for South Africans that would allow a global icon to introduce itself to new Bourbon drinkers in a way that felt authentically relevant… …And in an environment as diverse as the South African urban night scene?
Available in over 30 countries worldwide, Don Papa Rum is the first premium single island rum from the Philippines, now ranked the third largest rum market in the world next to India and USA. We were tasked with developing a creative platform that would bring the brand’s rich story to life in a way that authentically drew on its exotic origins.
SBS sell industrial-sized water tanks across Africa and the world. They wanted to establish their brand in a way that would show their passion for South Africa, differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract like-minded businesses.
With Covid-19 affecting our daily lives, Denny was not only losing brand awareness, but was also feeling the effects of a devastated restaurant sector. With a limited budget we needed an innovative campaign to make the brand top-of-mind in a way that was authentic, relevant and proved the brand’s “Add Goodness” credentials.
With a significant and successful business behind its brand, Mukuru was ready to reinvigorate its marketing - with scale and impact. The brand relaunch would need to resonate with multiple consumers across the African continent.