Made South. A performance where you make history and music… with the band.
Jim Beam

The challenge

Jim Beam, the world’s No. 1 Bourbon tasked us with creating an experience for South Africans that would allow a global icon to introduce itself to new Bourbon drinkers in a way that felt authentically relevant…

…And in an environment as diverse as the South African urban night scene?

The solution

We developed an immersive brand experience that went beyond the brief and delivered on a powerful consumer passion point – local music.


We created “Made South”. An experience platform that immersed consumers in the history of Jim Beam and gave them an opportunity to experience the thrill of creating something with others.


“Made South” consisted of mini-concerts where consumers had the opportunity to make music together with the musicians they love. We partnered with key venues in urban hotspots, each catering to a different musical taste. Each activation played host to some of South Africa’s top talent across musical genres as diverse as our nation. From jazz, to punk, consumers were able to make history and music. By using social media and the venue’s own networks we kept the promotion of the activations authentic and genuine.


Besides being able to interact with their local musical heroes, consumers were able to experience Bourbon tastings and bespoke cocktails, specially prepared to bring out the flavour notes of Jim Beam. Event goers were even treated to snacks based on the key ingredient in any fine Bourbon – corn.

The results

The plug-and-play nature of “Made South” events allowed our client to synch with their trade teams and implement activations at very short notice. The activations themselves created “closed” public spaces where consumers were introduced to the brand through an experience that resonated with all South Africans, regardless of their musical tastes.