If all accountants where like Will, grey, as a colour, would be outlawed. Spritely and infectious, Will has the energy and charisma that wins most people over. Even in his free time he's off flashpacking in developing countries with a business book always at hand! All this energy is great for the businesses he helps kickstart. He does it because he loves building things, and enjoys as he says, "the excitement and challenges of early-stage businesses, with a particular focus on enterprises that are disruptive and high growth." His B.Com. (Hons) Acc, CA (SA) and articles with KPMG come in handy to help keep the businesses on the straight and narrow. But he works as hard as anyone to help them win too. He gets a real kick out of being actively involved with "extremely competent, passionate, growing entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses." And that always translates into good news for Workbench's clients.