His parents always mention, usually at awkward times, that Mike cried during TV ads when he was a young lad. And to this day, despite his 6-foot-3-desperate-Dan-chinned exterior he still is pretty emotional about advertising. It was only in 3rd year of doing a Bachelor of Arts at Rhodes University that he even considered a career in advertising. His then girlfriend, now wife, asked him what he was going to do after varsity and he was silent. Then she suggested copywriting. So he did that. After graduating cum laude and top of the class at AAA Cape Town he began his career at Publicis CPT and then went to Ogilvy Brand Activation in Jo'burg. Disenchanted, he left advertising to work as a house painter and box packer in Scotland, plus travel around India with Jo-Ann. On returning to South Africa he opened a sports camp and coaching business called Sporting Curve. It kept him very busy and very poor, so he went back into advertising. He then remembered why he fell in love with advertising when he went to OwenKessel. Over the next 4 years he helped grow the start-up agency into a thought-leader business and do some famous work. Mike has 3 kids – Samuel, Isla and Tobias – who keep him honest and inspired.